Cutting Permits

A Timber Cutting Notice (also known as a Cutting Permit) is required for cutting timber in Ashland County, per Wis Stat 26.03. Permits can be obtained from the Land Description office at no charge and are valid until December 31st of the year in which the permit was issued.

If the timber to be harvested is on land located within the Bad River Reservation, you must contact the Bad River Natural Resources Department for any additional permits, requirements, or restrictions. Copies of permits issued within the Reservation will be sent to the Bad River Natural Resources Department.


To obtain a permit, either call our office or email us with the following information:

  • Land owner's name whose timber is being cut
  • Description of the property (parcel number or Quarter Quarter with Section, Township, and Range is preferable)
  • Name and address of the individual or company who will be doing the cutting


Requirements to obtain a cutting permit:

  • Taxes must be paid and current. Current year taxes postponed to July 31 is acceptable. Harvesting timber from land delinquent on property taxes is prohibited.