Jury Information



Jury service is a civic duty – one of the highest duties in our Democratic system of government.


State law protects your job. Your employer cannot fire you, demote you, threaten or intimidate you because of jury service.


JURY QUESTIONNAIRE FORM: This form can be filled out online by clicking this link Jury Questionnaire Form. If you provide your cell phone on the jury questionnaire form, you will receive text message alerts stating the trial is off.


LENGTH OF SERVICE:  Jury duty in Ashland County is a month long term. 


DO I GET PAID?  Yes, every juror summoned is paid an amount set by the County Board.  Jurors who serve are paid $40.00 for each day of attendance.  Jurors who appear but do not serve on a trial will be paid $20.00. (If the jury has been cancelled, it is your responsibility to contact the number provided on documentation you've received. Payment will not be made for this type of situation). The mileage rate is 51 cents per mile for round trip mileage.  This is the total miles from your home to the courthouse and then back home.


WHAT SHOULD I WEAR?  Remember that as a juror you will be performing one of the highest duties in our democratic system of government, and therefore you should dress appropriately for the occasion.  Do not wear tank tops, cut-off shorts, sweatpants, halter tops or similar clothing.


ITEMS TO LEAVE AT HOME:  Please do not bring any of the following items to court with you:  food or beverages. If you have dietary restrictions, you can bring your own food; however, it must be in a small cooler and will be placed in the Jury Room.




(715) 682-7013 -- Jury Questions


(715) 682-7016 – An updated recorded message for jurors is available after 5:00 p.m. daily.


TO LEARN MORE:  Visit the Wisconsin Court System website to learn more about being a juror and information for employers.  For Jurors Link