Land & Water Conservation
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Land and Water Conservation Department


MISSION: Promoting sound land and water stewardship through education, technical support and consistent program delivery.




The Land & Water Conservation Department provides technical assistance and cost-share incentives to protect the environment.  This is achieved through a variety of conservation practices to improve nutrient management, control soil erosion, and prevent non-point sources of pollution.  We provide technical assistance to landowners and municipalities for: 

  •  Conservation planning & watershed analysis    
  •  Nutrient management plans, Managed intensive grazing practices 
  •  Shoreland & streambank restoration, Fish and wildlife habitat restoration, Terrestrial & aquatic invasive species control 
  •  Stream crossings & culvert replacement, Erosion control practices
  •  Non-traditional forestry practices
  •  Stormwater management
  •  Environmental education programming


Our cost-share program provides financial assistance to landowners.  Conservation practices focus on sediment and nutrient reduction to our waters.  Cost-share may reimburse landowners 50-70% of costs for:  

  •  Access Road or Cattle Crossing, Livestock Fencing
  •  Manure Storage/Manure Storage Closure, Barnyard Runoff Control, Roof Runoff Systems 
  •  Diversions and Waterways, Wetland Restoration, Grade Stabilization Structures
  •  Riparian Buffers, Streambank and Shoreline Protection
  •  Well Abandonment


The Ashland County Land and Water Resource Management Plan 2020-2029 was approved by the Wisconsin Land and Water Conservation Board on August 6, 2019 and approved by the Ashland County Board on October 10, 2019.  View the document here.


Ashland County Land and Water Resource Management Plan 2020-2029