The County Surveyor shall always remember that their principal responsibility to the public has changed little since 1848, that is to monument and maintain the public land survey system of section and quarter corners. The law requires this of the County Surveyor. The County Surveyor should constantly envision the day when this system is again intact as it was over 150 years ago. Once intact, the County Surveyor should guard this system like a “loyal watchdog” so to speak, for the section and quarter section corners are the basis of all land ownership as we know it. The County Surveyor must always protect this network of public corners.

The County Surveyor must always envision the day when the records again are complete. When complete, the records should be constantly maintained and inspected. The County Surveyor should never again allow these records to be lost or destroyed as they were in the past. The law also requires this. The County Surveyor must never forget how many citizens are dependent on these records for research.

A land survey is performed for the purpose of describing, monumenting and mapping the boundaries and corners of a parcel of land. It may include the design and layout of new lots, streets, the physical features of the land parcel, the location of buildings, and other improvements upon the land. A land survey locates, on the ground, the land that your deed describes.

A land surveyor may make maps for architects, landscape experts, and other land planners to be utilized for the design of houses, commercial, or housing development.. The surveyor may also do layouts for engineering projects. Hence, land surveying requires knowledge in applied math and science, basic planning, surveying, engineering, and legal principles.

Therefore, the land surveyor is the best qualified person to write a land description, or to advise someone on any defects or discrepancies in a description.

Townships are six miles square which is 36 square miles.

Township lines run east and west at six mile intervals.

Range lines run north and south at six mile intervals.